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Hyrule Warriors Slated For August 14 Release On Wii U

It has been a while since Link went on an adventure to rescue Princess Zelda, but the wait will be over soon because Tecmo Koei has announced the release date for its upcoming title Hyrule Warriors, which will be coming exclusively to Wii U on 14th of August.

Hyrule Warriors takes place in the universe of Legend of Zelda and is heavily inspired by the combat of Dynasty Warriors. It is being developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja Studios, who are famous for developing Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden series respectively.

In Hyrule Warriors, you will take control of Link as he goes on a journey to rescue the princess, who has been captured by the Witch ‘Shia’.

Moreover, some of the famous adversaries from the Legend of Zelda universe will also be present in the game to stop Link from reaching the princess.

Players’ who have played the Dynasty Warriors franchise will adapt very quickly to the combat of the game as it is highly influenced by the series.

Link will be able to attack with his signature combos and use his favorite sword, shield, bombs, fire rod etc. The game is being directed and produced by Hisashi Koinuma and Yosuke Hayashi under the supervision of Eiji Aonuma.

Will you be getting Hyrule Warriors, come August 14?