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How Online Racing and Car Progression Works in Grid Autosport

Codemasters is quite confident that Grid Autosport will bring the best possible racing multiplayer to the players and in order to achieve that, a separate progression mode has been added to the multiplayer, which will be completely different from the career mode of the game.

In Grid Autosport, the developer wants to create a unique bond between the cars and the players with each car having its own separate identity.

Cars are not simply unlockable items to collect in GRID Autosport; each car is a true individual with its own mileage, win/loss rate, and XP level. The more time you spend driving a particular car, the more its XP level increases, and the more Upgrades and Tuning Packs you’ll unlock for it. Not only that, but higher-level cars earn XP and Cash faster than lower-level ones.

In the game’s marketplace, you will have the option of purchasing a new or a used car. However, the used cars wouldn’t do you any good in the long term because you don’t know how the previous owner treated them so your best bet is to go for a brand new car and customize it according to your play-style.

If you are a new to racing games, then you will have an option of getting assistance in multiplayer mode which will be similar to campaign mode.

In order to progress fast in the game, you will have the options to choose the setup of race. Winning races at extremely difficulty will net you extra cash and more XP leading you to the top of the leaderboards.

For more information on the game’s multiplayer features, head over to the Codemasters Blog.

Grid Autosport is scheduled to release on 24th of June for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.