H1Z1 Gets Stunning Environment Screenshots

Post apocalyptic survival games Rust and DayZ Standalone have made their mark on the gaming industry but both lack the finishing touches, which is why many people have grown discontent with them.

This is where Sony wants to come in with its latest project H1Z1, which is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Sony is developing the game with the help of “Forgelight Engine”, which is specifically designed to support large scale MMOs and has been previously used for Planetside 2 and EverQuest Next.

To see the power of their engine, let’s look at the recently surfaced screenshots of the game:

H1Z1 is a zombie-survival game where you will have to survive against the hordes of zombies as well as other players. Moreover, you will need to find food and water to stay alive every single day.

The world of H1Z1 features a day/night cycle and at night, the zombie hordes become more aggressive so you will need to fortify yourself in a safer place.

The game will be a free-to-play title and Sony has promised not to turn it into a pay-to-win game. Players will need to gather the major resources themselves and rely heavily on their crafting skills.

However, you will need to be careful with your wearable items because when you die, another player can take them.

H1Z1 is going to be a very difficult game and you will have to be on your toes all the time to save yourself from zombies and other players.

The game’s early access program is scheduled to start sometime in near future. We will update you when it happens!