GTA V Online Leaked Information Suggests Jetpack Is Inbound

Rumors of Jetpack coming to GTA V Online are getting more and more concrete as another YouTube user DomisLive managed to find some new details with the help of leaked information from the update 1.13, which you can see in the video above.

Previously, a user named ‘Chr0m3 x MoDz’ got his hands on some material in the 1.12 source code which suggested inclusion of jetpack in the game, but nothing was confirmed.

Since its start, GTA V Online has been plagued with a lot of issues especially cheaters and modders, who manage to exploit some bugs in the game to get more RP.

However, Rockstar Games is finally taking serious action against these players and all the items and RP they got using the illegitimate methods will be taken away as punishment.

In addition to the cheating problems, GTA V Online suffered a great deal in the start and couldn’t cope with the huge number of players but Rockstar fixed most of those issues along with the bugs plaguing the game.

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