GTA Online Cheaters and RP Modders To Loose illegitimately Acquired RP

Rockstar Support published a new update about their new policy regarding those players who are using cheats or mods to illegally increase their RP in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Created in the form of a Q&A, the update warns players against the repercussions they would be facing if caught in an illegal activity to boost their Rank Points.

An RP correction will be carried out soon to remove all the illegitimate RP acquired since the game launched in October 2013. The RP’s will be decreased to an approximate value these players had before the participated in the RP hack.

Following this one-time RP fix, Rockstar will be carrying out regular automated RP sweeps to correct any violations done after this sweep.

The first RP sweep will only affect the cheater’s RP but if the person continues to violate the rules there can be other consequences as well.

The responsible player can end up in the Cheater or Bad Sport Pool where they will be forced to play with other such players.

Violators can also have their accounts reset, experience progress halted or lose all their GTA$.

This sweep will only affect those who gained RP through illegal methods like mods, hacks, manipulation of cloud files or similar behaviors. If a player exploited the game by grinding some small mission to gain RP, they will not be affected by this sweep.

The full support article can be read here.