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Dota 2 Record Prizepool Reaches $6 Million! Valve Adds New Goals

The International 4’s record breaking prizepool keeps increasing in a huge rate and it doesn’t seem to stop.

In case you didn’t know, for every $10 Compendium purchase, $2.5 go directly to boost the prizepool. What began at $1.6 million Valve money alone, the fans boosted that number to 6 million!!

By reaching milestones (the so called stretch goals), fans had already unlocked lots of improvements to the game such as new game modes, new music, weather effects and Immortal items.

Since all 13 original stretch goals have been reached, Valve has added even more stretch goals!

14. Daily Hero Challenge $6.800.000 – extra 25 compendium points per day to play a random hero chosen for you.

15. Alternate Voice Vote $7.200.000 – Players will be able to vote for a hero to receive an entire new voice and dialogue pack.

16. Favorite Hero Challenge $7.600.000 – A new tool to help players practice with their least played heroes.

17. Model Update Vote $8.000.000 – Players will be able to vote for a hero to get an entire new model.

18. Multi-Kill Banner $8.400.000 – Receive an item to customize your multi kills.

19. After Party Broadcast!! $8.800.000 – The TI4 after party will be broadcasted live and it will have

">Darude as a special guest!

If you don’t know Darude and why it’s important to Dota 2 then watch

">this video showing what happens when the song is played.

20. New Upgraded Creeps $9.200.000 – This will unlock an upgraded model for the lane creeps when the barracks are down.

21. A-Z Hero Challenge Support $9.600.000 – Unlock a new quest system to reward players who complete this challenge (play and win with every hero in alphabetical order).

22. Victory Prediction Taunt $10.000.000 – Unlock a special taunt to predict victories.

And the Qualifiers are in full madness mode, right now the Chinese Qualifier is being played while the European Qualifier is going to be played starting 24th of May!

Be sure to watch all the madness over on the Twitch Dota 2 page, or just chillout with some of the funniest Dota 2 pro players such as C9’s SingSing and Fnatic’s n0tail as well as some of the most known community members like the statsman Bruno or the commentator Draskyl and even some kitties in the GDStudio couch stream.