Dear Respawn: Are You Neglecting Titanfall PC Version?

As if the PC community of Titanfall wasn’t already pissed enough, Respawn Entertainment added more fuel to the fire.

Following last week’s game update Respawn announced that ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Pilot Hunter’ mode will be removed from public matchmaking, just for the PC version.

Guess Respawn focused too much on the numbers, seeing as how there aren’t a lot of people playing these two modes, they decided to remove them and promised to bring new game modes. The 2 game modes are still accessible in Private Matches and Variety playlist.

Some might argue that those interested in these modes can still play them from Variety or organize a private lobby but in the light of so many other issues in the game, this is something which the players just could not accept.

They were being asked to put in extra effort to be able to play something for which they have already paid. Ever since its release, players have been talking about how PC gamers got the short end of the stick. And their rants are justified.

Being one such player who wants to love the game (because it IS awesome) but just can’t because it seems EA had Respawn rush the release before the final product was totally ready. No surprise there since its EA we are talking about.

The game has no dedicated server support, which is quite surprising given how so many key franchises these days have such support. Dedicated servers, like the ones in BF4 could be a great step towards solving the game mode issues as well as latency.

Titanfall has the best lag compensation I have seen in a shooter in ages, but there is only so much that compensation can do or even Microsoft’s Azure cloud can do.

Players with really great quality Internet connections end up with latency above 150 when connecting to Data Centre of their own region.

The incredibly long wait time in the lobby (85 seconds is a really long time, especially when you are all pumped up with adrenaline from the previous match) can also be resolved by dedicated servers running 24/7.

Another huge issue concerning the game is load time when joining a match.

Even if you have high end PC capable of running even the most demanding games at 60+ fps, the load time of Titanfall will make you wish you had more money to upgrade your system (and no that won’t decrease load time either).