Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Evens The odds

Playstation Youtube channel just released a new trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight. The gameplay trailer is titled “Evening the Odds” and is action packed, showcasing not only the incredible next-gen visual quality but also shedding some light on characters.

Although the trailer is supposed to be of gameplay, but most of the footage shown is from CG cinematics (or maybe the game visuals are that amazing!)

The trailer begins with Scarecrow’s voice warning the citizens of Gotham to abandon the city if they wish to stay away from “their greatest fears”.

We can see Gotham being torn apart by its residents in the later scenes. Destruction of property, looting and everything else which people have come to expect from the citizens of Gotham in troubled times.

We also get out first glimpse of Barbara Gordon also known as Oracle in a wheel chair in the Bat Cave. The lightning, rain quality and facial animations seem to be truly next gen.

The Batmobile can be seen rampaging through the streets, wreaking havoc. And it seems the Batmobile can even be used to drive on the walls and ceilings of tunnels (perhaps you will probably need to achieve a set velocity first).

Batmobile’s weapon system as well as the glide boost upon ejection can be seen in action as well.

I saved the best observation for last, Arkham Knight! The mysterious character created specifically for the game apparently bests the Dark Knight, knocks him down on the ground and is about to kill him with a bullet in the chest. He even has some sort of stealth cloaking technology!

So what are your thoughts on the trailer? If you weren’t hyped previously, did this trailer catch your fancy?

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