Wasteland 2 Slated to Release at the End of August

inXile entertainment has announced that its crowd-funded title Wasteland 2 will be shipping by the end of August.

Posting on their Kickstarter page, studio boss Brian Fargo thanked the fans for supporting the game and providing their feedback which helped them greatly during the beta phase of the game.

He announced that the studio had released a big update for the Wasteland 2 beta which adds the final major area of Arizona to the game, meaning the Arizona Map has been completed in the game which is almost the half of the whole game.

He said all the features announced for the game have been added to the game and the team can now work on testing the impact of the features to the overall game.

Some of the features might be removed if they don’t work well with the game but they will be brought back if the fans demand it and the internal review marks the features as vital to the game. Even so, the main focus of the next few months will be in balancing and optimizing of the game.

Fargo also talked about giving fans a chance of being part of the game development by translating the game in Spanish, French, German and Italian. Fans who provided with 250 strings of translations were awarded with a digital copy of Wasteland 2 as well as access to its beta.

Wasteland 2 will release on the PC, Mac and Linux by the end of August.