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Space Hulk Adds Free Co-op Mode And Paid Campaign DLC

Developer Full Control has updated Space Hulk on Steam to include cooperative gameplay. It has also reworked some of the multiplayer model to accommodate the new arrival.

Co-op mode is free, as part of a normal game patch, which also removes a few bugs.

In total, 4 players can come together for cooperative battles. Three of those will be playing the Space Marine side of the board game adaptation, while the remaining player will take the role of the evil Genestealers.

Along with the addition, multiplayer mode now makes use of a lobby system. It should make it a lot easier to simply see who is playing and join in as needed.

Aside from the free update, Space Hulk also has a Harbringer of Torment campaign as paid downloadable content (DLC). It’s specifically geared towards the new co-op gameplay, though it is also available in singelplayer and versus mode.

There are five missions in the Harbringer of Torment DLC, based on teamwork. In order of appearance, the missions are as follows:

  • Breakthrough
  • Heart and Soul
  • In Control
  • Gauntlet
  • Surgical Destruction

In Harbringer of Torment, players will embark on a ship that’s come out of a warp zone, to try and alter its engines. This is a frequently used design in the Space Hulk campaigns, where rogue fleets are inhabited with the pirate-esque Genestealer race causing the problems within.

Harbringer of Torment costs €4.99 or $4.99, depending on where you are. Space Hulk has a pretty pricy tag, but if you’re quick, you can still snag the base game for just €5.49 in the end of the Humble Spring Sale.