Rumor: Tonga is AMD’s Upcoming Energy Efficient Mid-Range GPU

If the rumors on the internet are to be believed, AMD is working on a new mid-range GPU. Originally thought to be a flagship high-end GPU, it seems they are working on making a smaller and more power efficient card.

The codename for this specific GPU is believed to be ‘Tonga’ and is rumored to be R9 275x. It might even end up being the starter of the next Rx series.

The card might be coming out in a few months and is expected to carry just 2GB of memory but there might be some solution for that in the future.

Although I don’t see the point of more than 2GB memory for a mid-range GPU given that the architecture won’t even be able to properly utilize the extra memory available (the 4GB version of GTX 760 is one example).

There are no exact details available about the card considering the rumor is pretty new to begin with. reports that it might be “GCN redesigned once again,” meaning that it’ll bring along an architectural change. Of course, it is expected that the GPU will still support the AMD’s TrueAudio and Mantle Technology.

There is no word from AMD as of yet regarding this rumor but we might get to know more around the time of Computex 2014.