Rime Receives a Bunch of Breathtaking Screenshots

Tequila Works, the developer famous for Xbox Live and PC title Deadlight, is working on Rime, one of games exclusively coming to Playstation 4.

Rime is an open world adventure platformer that will be played in a third person perspective and is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2014.

The game is being developed with the help of Unreal Engine 4 and to showcase the beauty of it, a bunch of new screenshots have been released which can be seen below:

These images show the hard work that has been put in by the developers and it also showcases what can be achieved with Playstation 4 with the right developers.

First trailer of the game was shown by Sony at Gamescom, which showcased the third person action gameplay.

The demo was so good that many people started to compare it to Ico and Journey in terms of art design, which was a huge complement for developer and the game.

The plot of Rime revolves around a boy, who is stuck on an island with a curse and needs to escape both. As you playthrough the game, you will come across different open-word settings, where you will have to solve multiple puzzles to move forward in the game.

Moreover, the game will feature a day/night cycle with each of them influencing gameplay style and visuals of the game.

Tequila Works made quite a name for itself when it first developed Deadlight and with what we have seen so far from Rime, it seems the studio is headed in the right direction.