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Nintendo Gives More Details on Super Smash Bros. Tournament at E3

Earlier, it was announced that Nintendo is holding a Super Smash Bros tournament at E3, even though they don’t plan on having a conference this year, the company has given more details on the tournament.

According to the statement, 16 highly skilled Super Smash Bros. players will participate in the tournament which will take place at Nokia Theater, just a few blocks away from the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 will be taking place.

The tournament will be open to the public and streamed on both Twitch’s E3 channel as well as Nintendo’s official Twitch channel,

Nintendo encourages fans of Super Smash Bros to cosplay as their favorite character from the game by giving every Super Smash Bros cosplayer front row seating in the tournament. According to the event details, attendees of the tournament will need a wristband to be allowed access, a total of 3000 wristbands will be distributed before the event.

This will be the second time Nintendo will be skipping its media briefing in E3, instead of which they will hold a “Nintendo Digital Event” similar to their E3 media briefings and livestream it on Tuesday June 10th.

If you didn’t know already, Nintendo isn’t completely skipping E3, they will have their booth on the E3 show floor which will also be covered in a series of livestreams during the event.