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Mini-Game Collection Explosive Dinosaurs Headed To Ouya

Developer Rawr Lab announced the production of Explosive Dinosaurs, a series of mini-games to be bundled as one Ouya release. It’s currently pegged for release at the end of the year or early 2015, should it miss that window.

Since the game is comprised of 40 mini-games, at the least, the developer vows to launch the game as close as possible to its date. If needed, it will launch a core set of games first, and then add more through free downloadable content (DLC).

Amidst the mini-games, the developer will try to put as much variety as possible. As such, the genres expected are noted as being platformers, RPG, strategy, sports, puzzles and even graphic mini-adventures.

Explosive Dinosaurs will support up to four players with gamepads locally, with the addition of another player that can join in with a tablet. Additionally, the game will have an editor, so that its community can create more mini-games on its own.

As with our recent announcement of Whispering Willows, Explosive Dinosaurs will also come to Ouya first, before going to PC. On the game’s site, the following reason is given to choose for Ouya:

It’s the best game console for arcade gaming right now.

We prefer to be one of the best games of a smaller console than being in the dumpster of a big one.

Perhaps more of a reason is that the game can make use of Ouya’s developer support program, where it doubles crowd-funding pledges for certain conditions met on Ouya, such as early release. Oddly enough though, Explosive Dinosaurs is rather cryptic about its own funding project, so expect more on that soon.

At least the Ouya still has games in the pipeline. That’s always a plus for everyone who still has faith in the criticized platform.