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Minecraft Realms Now Available For PC and Mac Users

Minecraft Realms is now available on PC and Mac. These realms provide an opportunity to host server for less-technical folks who may have trouble hosting a minecraft server own their own.

This service will cost you $13 a month, but if you decide to subscribe to the private server for three or six months, then you will be given special discount on the monthly fees.

Furthermore, you can add up to twenty of your friends on the server as well and even when the host is not playing, the world can be accessed by the other invited users.

The worlds made in the private servers will be backed up regularly so that the players can go and find the earlier version, if something goes wrong.

Mojang describe this new service as:

Realms is the easiest way for you to host a Minecraft world online. You and your friends can work on an awesome creation, adventure into the depths, or play one of our featured mini-games with just a few clicks.

Minecraft Realms is definitely a great service for the players who want to build their own unique worlds and don’t want to be disturbed by other players.

So far, Minecraft Realms is only available for PC and Mac users but Mojang is looking forward to make it available across all platforms.

Source: Mojang