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Hackers Claim to Have Dumped First Wii U Title Successfully

Yesterday, it was reported that a Wii U Software Development Kit had been leaked.

Whilst the leaked SDK is an older version, the group claimed that they have access to all the versions but are starting with the older version. 24 hours later, pirates have reported to have dumped their first Wii U title.

The hackers were able to do this thanks to the Wiikey U modchip, an electronic device that disables security measures of the consoles allowing hackers to run homebrew on it. The hackers claim the dumped Wii U title weighs in around 25GB.

A year ago, there was a rumor about pirates having hacked the Wii U but it was proved to be fake, whilst this news is still considered as a rumor, a lot of the findings support the idea of it being true.

Now, Wii U is already performing poorly and if this hack works for real, it may damage the already struggling hardware from Nintendo.

Well, one can also argue that it might increase the sales of console if people started using the pirated copies. Then again, Piracy is a plague that never works good for the companies. What are your thoughts on it?