Guerrilla Cambridge Working On A New PS4 Title

Guerrilla Cambridge Studios, who are famous for developing Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita, is hiring to work on a new PlayStation 4 game.

Two job listings were posted by the studio on the

The first listing seeks a “senior environment artist to join [Guerrilla Cambridge’s] world-class art team working on PS4”. The requirements of the job are pretty demanding, which possibly means that a new AAA title is under development.

Second listing seeks a “senior graphics programmer” which requires an experienced engineer who can work with an existing engine to work on a “major future project”.

Killzone: Mercenary took the players through the story interlinking the events in Killzone Trilogy of PS3. The game took place on the planets of Vekta and Helghan, where both the planets were at each other’s throat in an interstellar war.

Moreover, for the first time in Killzone franchise, players were fighting against the enemies with the help of Helghast forces and ISA specialist. You as mercenary had the option to decide the tactics and loadouts for your partners to be used.

These listings suggest that something big is definitely going on at Cambridge Studio but until an official announcement is made, we can’t be certain about anything.

Which title do you think Guerrilla Cambridge is working on for PS4?

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