EA Sports’ FIFA World on PC Enters Open Beta, Join Now

Good news for Football fans, EA Sports’ free-to-play FIFA World on the PC is entering its Open Beta Phase.

EA Sports FIFA World Producer Alex Grimbley claims the game attracted over 1.5 million fans back when the game was in its Closed Beta sessions followed by a limited Open Beta phase.

He was excited for the game going Open Beta, he said that the feedback they got during the limited access beta phases was instrumental to the game’s development.

FIFA World is the definitive FIFA title out there right now, featuring FIFA Ultimate Team, HD console gameplay and over 16,000 players and 600 clubs from over 30 officially licensed leagues as well as a single and online multiplayer mode.

Online features include all the ones introduced during the limited access beta phases like:

Seasons: Players compete with other players through 10 divisions, winning matches allows them to climb up the ranks.

Accomplishments: Special rewards for players who complete dynamic tasks that show up in Scenarios which are based on real world football events.

Tournaments: The players are pitted against AI controlled teams in Tournament brackets, they will also have the option to invite friends in the tournament.

Social Hub: A hang-out for FIFA players and their friends where they can share, comment and like on their game content. The Social Hub also features weekly Featured Tournaments, Limited Time Accomplishments and the Transfer Market where players can manage their in-game items.

FIFA World is a free to play title by EA Sports and anyone can opt in the Open Beta by registering an account here.