Ex-Employee Suggests id Software In Turmoil, Doom Multiplayer Outsourced

It seems like the once legendary id Tech that brought us the first-person shooter genre isn’t quite enjoying the same kind of success, both externally and internally. While we have been eagerly waiting for news and development regarding Doom, id Tech is busy handling the turmoil within its staff, and it seemed no one else is to blame but the company itself for the hard times.

The company is known to have smashed a hammer on its own foot by keeping employees unhappy and poor man-management, hence forcing the hands of many to leave the developer and search for more prosperous opportunities elsewhere (namely Oculus Rift).

These managerial issues seem to be reflecting in the work currently being done on Wolfenstein and Doom, as apparently one of the ex-employees has written about his experience with the company.

Speaking with an anonymous account on Glass Door, the employee had quite a bit to say in his review about the company, categorized by Pros and Cons, and some advice.

Sadly, the Pros comprised only ten percent or so of the entire review.

Of the rather long paragraphs that made up the Cons, the couple that would catch the keen eyes of a gamer the most tell some interesting possible facts regarding the development of Doom.

According to the review, Doom development started 2 years ago, with people merging together to form a 140+ member developer team.

As of now, only 50 or so employees are working on the much-awaited title, leading to desperation, which has seen the firm look for aid elsewhere for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Doom’s progressive development also seems to be stagnant, as after every four months or so the heads decide that the direction of the development is all wrong, forcing a reboot, which is probably why we have yet to see any proper visual evidence of the game.

But then again, Glass Door users can’t be taken for granted, even though this review and its writer seem pretty convincing.

Take it with a pinch of salt nevertheless; who knows, we might just see an epic trailer of Doom at E3!