Battlefield 4 Net Code Issues Fixed In CTE

Ever since release, Battlefield 4 has been plagued with countless bugs and issues but finally it seems that after almost 8 months of release, DICE has a handle on the problems.

At least that’s what the beta testers on Community Test Environment would have you believe (the first time I have seen a game being tested AFTER launch).

One of the biggest issues regarding the game’s net code was something called the ‘tick rate’. The term refers to how frequent the game updates the location of in-game assets.

In most FPS titles, the tick rate and client send rate is somewhere around 30Hz (30 times per second), in games like Counter Strike tick rate is as high as 60Hz.

While Battlefield 4 maintains 30Hz tick rate, its client send rate is 10Hz! Yes that’s right, the game only updates 10 times per second. No wonder people were crying about dying at the hands of enemies they killed moments ago or getting killed even after hiding behind cover.

DICE is finally tweaking up the client send rate to 30Hz but the players are still wondering as to why such a send tick rate was allowed to exist in the first place even when the game isn’t really that taxing on a system.

Some might argue that the reason for such a send tick rate could be because of so much stuff happening on the screen due to Levolution and the overall destructive nature of the game which meant that a higher send rate would mean more data drain from servers as well as users.

Other upcoming changes include a reduction in screen shake caused by large explosions. As of now, there is no information regarding when these changes will be implemented on the main servers.