Whispering Willows Launches Its Ghosts On Ouya On May 27

Independent studio Night Light Interactive has announced that its game, Whispering Willows will release on Ouya on May 27, 2014. Despite hitting some extended rough patches, there are still games inbound for the once glorified Android console.

In Whispering Willows, players take on the role of a girl, called Elena. She has the ability of astral projection, which is an outer body experience where you put yourself in ghost form.

This power allows Elena to access otherwise blocked paths, since ghosts are intangible. Astral projection is therefore used as a way for the game to present a series of puzzles, such as removing a box blocking a door from the other side, for instance.

Whispering Willows is viewed in 2D locations. Visuals make use of illustrated panels with additional lighting effects from either light sources, but also Elena’s spirit form.

On your travels, you’ll also encounter some other ghosts, which enhances the spookiness factor of the game.

Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows

Even though it’s still in development, Whispering Willows did already manage to snag a few prizes. It won first place at the Seattle Indie Game Competition and was the winner of the Cerebral Indie Developer grant.

Previously, Whispering Willows also successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign. There, it managed to round up over $20,000 in funds.

There is no price point for the puzzle game at the moment. However, Whispering Willows will make its way to Steam on June 17, for those who don’t own an Ouya console.