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Watch Dogs Trophy List is Available Ahead of its Release

Game website PSN profiles has revealed the Trophy list for Ubisoft’s most anticipated title Watch Dogs just one week away from its release.

The trophies give us a hint of what to expect from the game. It seems that the game will have a total of 5 Acts with lots of side-quests which include hacking, racing and unlocking safe-houses.

Though the trophy ‘disk space full’ is somewhat strange since it requires the player to unlock all the songs, it can’t be said if you need to unlock songs to access them since any open-world game that comes with radio songs don’t require unlocking; perhaps unlocking songs lets you play them on your cellphone.

The trophies also point at some ‘major’ side-quests like Human Traffic Investigation, QR Code Investigation, Missing Persons Investigation. Other side-quests include Fixer Contracts, Gang Hideout assaults and taking down 20 confirmed criminals as well as unlocking every ctOS Tower in the game.

This might give weight to the game director Jonathan Morin’s claim that Watch Dogs will take 35-40 hours to complete 100%

Watch Dogs is due release on May 27 on the PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. The game will release some time in Autumn on the Wii U.