Ports And Small Games On Euro Nintendo eShop This Week

This week’s Nintendo eShop update in Europe is focused mainly on old games renewed. This should probably give people a break from releases like Mario Kart 8 and such, even though it isn’t out yet.

For instance, its most costly release this week is Squids Odyssey, a port from French indie studio The Game Bakers, which already had the game come out on mobile devices and PC. For €12.99, you can command a team of different squids in a vibrant cartoon sea world on Wii U.

Squids Odyssey is a roleplaying game (RPG) that uses the Angry Birds physics model for combat elements. If you can get over that “casual” link, it’s actually a really clever title worth trying.

Two Tribes brings Sword & Soldiers to Wii U as well, for a price of €2.99. This side-scrolling strategy game with army building mechanisms was previously also released on PC and mobile units.

For the platform fan, cult hit Klonoa: Empire of Dreams might be the most interesting Wii U choice. This Game Boy Advance port offers some traditional 2D side-scrolling action in 40 levels for €6.99. It even has hover boards.

Additionally, indie developer Cypronia releases Color Zen on Wii U for €2.99. They’re always a source of experimental puzzle titles, if you’re into that sort of thing.

More puzzle action is available on 3DS with Picross e4 at €5. They’re really churning those out.

For a more active classic, you can pick up Double Dragon II: The Revenge for €4.99. Beat up dudes, ninjas and mutant in the known side-scrolling fashion.

Other games available on 3DS this week are Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 for €4.99 and Turtle Tale for €2.99. In total, a pretty slow week, but at least all games are easy on the wallet.

Speaking of saving money, Aeternoblade will go on sale for €7.99, instead of €14.99. It has RPG elements, side-scrolling combat, platform elements, time manipulation; it pretty much throws everything in there.

Let us know if you pick something up from the Nintendo eShop this week in the comments.