Middle-Earth Shadow Of Mordor Weapons and Runes Detailed in the New Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have released a new gameplay video for their upcoming title Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The video focuses on weapon customization through Runes, showcasing how to upgrade Talion’s weapons and their respective abilities.

Runes are dropped as loot from enemy captains and can be combined with other runes to increase the power of Talion’s weapons.

All 3 of Talion’s weapons: his sword Urfael, bow Azkar and dagger Acharn can also be equipped with Epic runes.

Epic runes are acquired by dominating an enemy captain and have that captain deliver a death threat to his warchief. This sort of starts a challenge mode since the warchief now knows that Talion is after him.

Security around the warchief increases as he now expects an attack at any time, upon finally defeating the warchief and his guards, players are rewarded with Epic runes.

One such rune is the Fire Storm which adds a powerful blast to fire arrows from Talion’s bow.

4 other runes have been revealed which are parts of different pre-order bonuses, each with their unique abilities:

  • Deadly Archer Rune: allows players to deal extra damage when executing headshots against Sauron’s Captains
  • Flame of Arnor Rune: upon reaching a high combo count, players will be able to ignite their weapons which would in turn burn their enemies
  • Hidden Blade Rune: players will deal extra damage when executing stealth attacks against Sauron’s Captains
  • Orc Slayer Rune: players will decimate Sauron’s Captains with increased damage from special attacks.

All players who pre-order will also get access to The Dark Ranger bonus pack.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will launch worldwide on 7th October, 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.