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Leaked Photo Suggests Next Xbox One Update Will Support External Storage

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It seems Microsoft is once again busy preparing updates for its flagship console, the Xbox One, as new rumors have surfaced what additions the next patch could bring.

According to an image leak on Reddit, the update will bring the capability to connect your External Drive to the console and use it.

The image shows a captured photo with an “External Drive Ready” popup. What’s more interesting yet subtle is the numbers that are displayed under the percentage that shows how much of your space has been used.

The figure reads “585.9 GB free” under the “29.4% Used” – a good 85.9 GB more than what the Xbox One ships with, suggesting that the external drive can actually be used as a storage space for the console.

Owners who also have/had the Xbox 360 will know that the previous generation Microsoft console allowed users to connect External HDD and use it as a storage device, a feature that has (so far) been missing from its successor.

Many people have taken out the internal storage of the Xbox One and attempted to replace it, but this ‘tweak’ voids the warranty of the product.

This update thus makes quite a bit of sense, and many would utilize the additional storage and connectivity option to them instead of risking their warranty options.

There is no suggestion with the leak as to when the update will come out, though there is claim that it would be “soon”. In fact, if anything you should take this with a pinch of salt until any official confirmation is given of such a major addition of storage option.

We personally think this leak would be reliable, as not only is the screenshot fairly convincing, but because there is common sense involved in making the move – it’s only a short while before eventually our Xbox One drives start becoming overloaded, especially consider that digital copies are being a norm.

Users who have taken part in the Xbox One Preview Program have also received features that improve Party Chat, and also give the option of manual system updates (which, once again, is a no-brainer option).

Source: TechFrag