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Killzone: Shadow Fall Getting 4 Player Co-op Mode With Intercept Update

Those who were thinking of selling or trading their copies of Playstation 4 launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall should probably reconsider that thought. Guerilla Games, developers behind the Killzone franchise has revealed some exciting news about their recent title.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be getting a new expansion in June which will add a 4 player co-op mode to the game.

Titled Intercept, the game mode will put players and up to three of their friends in the shoes of Intelligence Squad Alpha.

The game mode will be quite similar to co-op mode in Mass Effect 3 where players will have to hijack and transmit intel back to HQ while fending off waves of enemy Helghast soldiers. The team score will be determined by how close players are to establishing an uplink and defending those uplinks from enemy soldiers.

  • To promote a multi-role styled gameplay, players will have 4 classes to choose from:
  • Assault: specializing in close quarters combat, this class is equipped with shotgun and a grenade launcher
  • Marksman: for medium and long ranged targets, this class utilizes sniper rifles to take down enemies while securing critical positions with laser trip mines
  • Medic: this class has the ability to revive dead players as well as heal them with a special drone
  • Tactician: just like any typical engineer class, tacticians can spawn turrets to defend locations as well as deploy Nano shields.

Enemy infantry in Intercept have their specific key roles as well and can call upon special Helghast champions with unique abilities.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the single-player campaign. It will be available for free for Season Pass holders while the cost for those who do not have a pass will be determined soon. A standalone version of the co-op experience will also be available later this year.