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Heavily Discounted Real World Racing Adds Zombie DLC

Semi-simulation game Real World Racing has released some downloadable content (DLC) on Steam titled Real World Racing Z. It’s about zombies; the “Z” is always about zombies.

What this means for the racing game is pretty straightforward: Driving around will continue unhindered, except now you’ll be able to do so while satiating a bloodlust for people who are already dead.

More practical than just the aesthetics of mowing down undead, the Real World Racing Z DLC tracks yield a cash bonus for zombie carnage. Four tracks can be played with zombies: London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Real World Racing uses a simulation model, but transformed in a simpler top-down style. Tracks are taken from high-res aerial shots of real locations, which get complemented with weather conditions.

Moreover, car physics are modeled after the real thing, even if the Real World Racing is played from above. There are over 80 cars to choose from, which can also be adjusted.

Multiplayer offers the option to take on races with up to 16 players.  There are also online challenges, as well as a career mode.

Real World Racing Z launches at a 50% discount, which is just €0.99, instead of €1.99. Additionally, the base game that normally retails at €14.99 is currently available at an 80% discount, cutting it back to just €2.99.

If you own neither items, a bundle on Steam is up for a 77% discount at €3.91. This also includes the previously released Amsterdam and Oakland DLC.