Aeria Games’ FEAR Online Entering Beta Phase Next Week

FEAR Online, the free-to-play online multiplayer title by Aeria games will be entering its beta phase next week.

Starting on May 26, the beta phase will include numerous upgrades and tweaks from the alpha version. These include new maps, scenarios, redesigned weapon crafting system and lots of changes to the gameplay.

FEAR Online is a team-focused online multiplayer shooter with various game modes taking place on ten highly detailed maps.

The game also has co-op missions which run parallel to the story of FEAR 2: Project Origin pitting a team of 4 players against both the Armacham personnel as well as the horrific monsters spawned from the experiments of the mysterious corporation.

Folks interested in the game can head over to the official site and apply for the beta.

FEAR Online takes place after the events of FEAR alongside FEAR 2: Project Origin. The player is a soldier with mild psionic abilities and part of a new military force tasked with taking out the monsters unleashed from the Armacham Tech facility, as well as deal with the ATC Guards who have been dispatched to destroy any evidence against their company.