DayZ Standalone Developers Working on a New Pathfinding System for Zombies

In a recent dev blog, DayZ Standalone creator Dean Hall discusses future plans about the title as well as the biggest issue plaguing the game right now, zombies. For a game revolving around the zombie apocalypse, these creatures are probably the most hated element of the game right now.

Clipping through walls, appearing out of thin air, disappearing randomly all these issues concerning these zombies are seemingly easier to crack but according to the dev blog, a lot of work is required to fix this.

Real Virtuality 3, the game engine which is also used in ARMA 2 just isn’t suited for small interior spaces which are proving to be a big challenge for DayZ clipping issue. The 225km2 of Chernarus, the game world is bigger than most open world games and it is full of such small interior environments.

Developers have been creating navigational meshes for AI which will serve as maps as well as unifying AI path finding which was previously split into two systems, one for inside and one for outside.

“A small program was developed to read through the world, load all the objects, and then work its way through tracing billions of lines to calculate the ability to move. This then works out not only where outside you can walk, but inside as well,” said Hall.

This new system although will take up more memory space but the developers are confident that it will not prove to be an issue since the game will soon be migrating to 64 bit servers.

Along with this update on path finding, the dev blog discusses upcoming changes to various features in the game such as a redeveloped action system to replace mouse wheel scrolls, new animal AI and new rendering system.

The highly detailed developers blog can be read here.