Catch King’s Bounty: Dark Side On Steam Early Access

Publisher 1C Company has launched King’s Bounty: Dark Side on Steam through the Early Access program with an expected release date coming in July 2014.

It looks like the company likes to move their marketing campaign along pretty quickly, as it only reported the game being in development last month. We like that sort of “you want it, there you have it” mentality.

As the name states, this iteration in the line of several King’s Bounty releases will be one of the more somber stories. Just about any race in the world of Teana is at each other’s throats.

On one side, elves plunder Orcish lands, causing them to flee, while humans are also invading territories that do not belong to them. Vampires are at the door as well, so there’s enough warfare to go around for a while.

Some of the new features in the game include the possibility to choose a race as well as a class, which has Orcs, Vampires and Demons. Moreover, there is a companion system for each character.

King’s Bounty: Dark Side will have in excess of 100 quests in 15 locations, with new units, artifacts and abilities. As always, combat is perceived through a hexagonal grid system in turn-based fashion.

You can recruit units from all over the lands to customize your army, like in the Might and Magic series, for instance. Previous King’s Bounty releases have held plenty of content to go around, so expect a few dozen hours of entertainment.

It looks like the Early Access version of King’s Bounty: Dark Side is fairly feature complete and is used mainly for balancing purposes. Still, if you “pre-purchase” the game, you can do so at a 20% discount; costing €17.99 instead of the release price of €21.99.