Flappy Bird Creator Shares Screenshot of His New Game

The creator of the simplistic, pixelated mobile game that went viral a couple of months ago has just released a screenshot of a new game he is working on.

Dong Nguyen, who was earning roughly $55,000 per day from Flappy Bird before he took it down, teased some pictures of his new game on his Twitter account – a game he’s making “So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.”

The screenshot shows a minimalistic looking game, with pixelated graphics similar to those of Flappy Bird, with a character running in some kind of a grey tunnel. Obviously, one screenshot isn’t enough to tell what’s going on, but narrow spaces and a jumping man suggests a simple yet frustratingly difficult theme that spiritually follows the concept of Flappy Bird.

Dong Nguyen has also confirmed that Flappy Bird will be returning in August, this time around with multiplayer, and will be “less addictive”. Nguyen reported this news to Kelly Evans of CNBC.