Dragon Age: Inquisition New Screenshots Show the Western Approach

The Inquisition is near, as we rally our followers and rise to the task of protecting Thedas from the unknown demonic forces that have pierced the veil and entered the realm of mortals.

A war between the Templars and Mages scars the grounds that make up Dragon Age: Inquisition, and new revelations show one of many regions that you, as the Inquisitor, will have to pass through in your journey to bring peace to the region.

The latest bit of content release are a few screenshots, showing the Western Approach, with the Inquisitor and his companions overlooking a scorched dry region. Whether it’s scorched from a war, natural events, or a dragon’s wrath is something we’re aching to find out in the real game, though it seems like an aftermath of a dragon rampage.

Additional screenshots show the vastness of the desert and the variety of the terrain that make it up, with a single fortified city located in the distance. Frostbite 3.0 really shines here, highlighting the drying wood and the golden sands.

The screenshot showing the city remind one of how Meereen is portrayed in the Game of Thrones series which follows the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by JRR Martin. However, it doesn’t seem quite like a shameless copy, but more of a transformed version, with towering statues sidelining steps that go to a platform for god-knows-what.

Anyways, it’s unjust for me to go on with my descriptions, so I’ll leave you to stare and closely observe them for as long as you desire.