Titanfall PC Getting Replacement for Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter Modes

The Expedition DLC and Game Update Three of Titanfall was relased yesterday for PC and Xbox One but soon after that, Titanfall PC was stripped from two game modes – Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter.

However, Respawn has responded to this action and said that it was because of the unpopularity of both of the modes and they have promised the fans to replace them with “exciting alternatives”.

Following is the letter that was written on the official website of Titanfall:

Yesterday we removed CTF and Pilot Hunter as separate playlists in the PC version of Titanfall. This has generated a lot of discussion with the PC community and we’d like to like to address your issues as openly as possible.

We have an amazing and large PC audience with the vast majority of users predominantly playing Attrition and Hardpoints game modes. CTF and Pilot Hunter have not been widely used modes on the PC version. Players trying to access these modes had overlong wait times to find other users and it was making for a poor experience.

We want to make sure that not only is there compelling content in the playlists we offer, but that the experience of joining a match works well. We’re tracking what playlists players are choosing, and we’re going to continue to look at unpopular playlists and add new ones on both platforms.

Are you happy that these modes were taken down and will be replaced by something exciting? What type of mode would you want for Titanfall?