Teenager Allegedly Murders Roommate After League of Legends Match

Competitive gaming has its emotional sides – you get angry, you have your happy moments, and then there are moments where you feel like tossing your PC out of the window and screaming senselessly put-together curse words that would bring you embarrassment if you think of them when in sanity.

On very rare occasions, the emotions seem to exceed acceptable limits and go to an extent that they should never go. Something of the sort happened in China, between two roommates, a 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old, which ended in nothing less than lethal bloodshed.

Now, as a former League of Legends player myself I can understand the negative emotions that go with the game, be it your incompetent teammates or some of the more overpowered characters that the enemy is using in a cheap manner.

Nothing, however, justifies what happened between the two boys in the Chenzhou Vocational Technical College.

With names changed to protect their identity in the main report by Netease Games, Liu Kai (16) and Li Bo (18) were good friends and shared a close relationship as roommates and buddies.

However, things turned a bit too sour for comfort on May 9th, where a dormitory staff member noticed blood from under the door of Building 6’s room 323.

The police were called, and Li Bo’s lifeless body was found in a pool of blood while Liu Kai sat in a corner. Apparently Liu Kai lost his cool and composure after three consecutive losses in LoL and slashed his roommate with a fruit knife.

“According to the initial investigation, the incident was sparked by a video game,” the school’s spokesman told reporters.

The police is yet to release an official statement describing the events, but for now, Liu Kai is in custody and accused of the murder.

As expect, a large portion of the blame is (unfortunately) being directed towards video-gaming itself, with suggestion that violence in videogames sparks sudden brutal behavior.

Being a competitive gamer for more than five years myself, I can’t say I agree with that, because I haven’t so much as killed a fly after a frustrating gaming session.

In fact, just about any kind of act that has a large potential in resulting in failure can encourage such behavior, such as the pressure of professional studies, which has led to countless suicide attempts by many students.

Regardless, Li Bo’s death is indeed a tragedy, and if Liu Kai is found guilty, he should serve the sentence.