Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Planned for May 29 Release

Cloud Imperium Studios has announced that it wants to launch the Arena Commander for its Space Simulator Star Citizen on 29th of May.

Also, they are looking to make two single player modes ‘Free Flight’ and ‘Vanduul Swarm’ available for the backers on the same day.

However, the date is not confirmed yet but if all goes well, you will be playing the Star Citizen in just two weeks. The developer has also provided a full detailed map of what they will be doing until 29th of May.

Following is the detail of what is happening at studio today and for the full details on the next two weeks schedule, head over to the official website of the game.

May 17th: our IT groups will be updating our global internal server infrastructure. A lot of the internal tools we use for game development (checking in builds, storing assets, etc.) are in dire need of downtime and update; we’ve been running them in the red zone so we can have 24 hour round-the-world development on Arena Commander.

During this downtime we will also be switching over to a much more flexible and advanced architecture for our content management system Perforce. We will be upgrading to using Perforce Streams which will allow much quicker and more flexible movement between code branches for our development team. This prepares us for the added complexity of launching and supporting a live multiplayer service like Arena Commander. Saturday’s update will allow us to push the final Arena Commander update out to the world with much more confidence (corrupted data from these servers was a major issue at the PAX East reveal!

Are you excited about finally getting your hands on Star Citizen on 29th of May?