Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets New Location ‘The Fortress of Adamant’

After releasing the gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware seems to be picking up the pace and releasing new information on the game’s universe, regularly.

Latest reveal from the developer is a brand new location “The Fortress of Adamant”, which has been detailed in a blog post at the Dragon Age website.

The blog was written in the voice of Veldin, a grey warden of the World of Thedas, who wrote in his journal that withdrawing from the Adamant Fortress was the hardest decision he ever made.

Of all the decisions we Grey Wardens were forced to make over the lean years, withdrawing from the fortress of Adamant was perhaps the most difficult.

It had been built to stand as a bastion against the darkspawn spilling out from the Abyssal Rift—a symbol of how we had done the impossible and pushed those creatures back into the shadows where they belonged.

The demons were kept at bay from the rest of the world but then people started to forget about the sacrifices of the Grey Wardens that they had made to keep the world a safer place from the constantly spawning demons.

We kept the land safe from further encroachment, but as each new age dawned, memories of our sacrifice became a little fainter. The entire Western Approach had become a wasteland, and thus the expense of maintaining the fortress became harder and harder to justify.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of your responsibilities as an inquisitor will be to send the troops to the different areas of the game and keep them safe from the spawning demons.

The choice will be completely up to you, the whole world is in trouble but it’s you who has to take steps to make it a safer place for everyone.