You Can Now Stream Playstation 4 Games With Playstation Vita TV

The latest Playstation 4 firmware update in Japan lets users stream PS4 games directly to any TV wirelessly using Playstation Vita TV.

For those who don’t know, PS Vita TV is a micro-console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment which lets users play PS Vita games on a large screen using HDMI signal.

Players can also hook in a Dualshock 3 or Dualshock 4 to play those Vita games. With this update, users can now hook Playstation Vita to Vita TV and wirelessly stream Playstation 4 games on any TV screen.

Kotaku has also made a video demonstrating this functionality which apparently worked fine although there was quite some distance between the wirelessly connected devices.

However, note that you will need fast internet connection to make this lag-free. Furthermore, while playing FPS shooters or any shooters in general, you will always find some delay.

PS Vita TV was released back in November last year only in Asian regions. Until now, there is no news of a Western release.