Weapon Rate of Fire is Tied With Frames per Second in Titanfall

Hard to say whether most of the PC players of Titanfall were aware of this fact or not, but DsKDesTro has made an interesting discovery on YouTube, according to which, rate of fire of a weapon is tied to Frames per Second of the game.

The video starts off on 60 Frames per Second in which the uploader empties the entire clip of R-101 Carbine Assault Rifle – 40 bullets – and it took him around 3 seconds (03:09 to be exact).

The next section of the video showed the game being played on 120 Frames per Second (on same map and same location). However, this time the entire clip took around 2 seconds (02:29) to drain.

In competitive matches, a higher rate of fire can easily decide the outcome of a gun fight. A higher rate of fire always means winning the gun fight.

Though the video doesn’t show any other weapon than the Assault Rife R-101 Carbine, it can be deduced that it will be same with other weapons.

While many argue that this issue has been in the game since day one, others hold that the latest patch update that came along Expedition DLC brought in this issue.

Whatever the case be, Respawn Entertainment need to fix this ASAP since it clearly ruins the gameplay balance.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think about it!