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United Eleven Starts Free Football Manager Sim Beta

Publisher Nexon has officially opened United Eleven for a short Beta pre-season. It allows players to participate in a football manager simulation in a free-to-play game.

United Eleven is simply played in your browser, so there’s not even a download client needed. After signing up for a Nexon account, you can go on to create your club.

At the moment, the most prominent league is the German Bundesliga, though it doesn’t bare consequence once you get to playing, because all leagues are pooled together.  Other largely represented leagues are set in England, Spain, Italy and France.

Additionally, two or three teams are available in the Netherlands and Portugal. More may be added as the game develops, since the Bundesliga was a recent addition as well.

You’ll be asked to choose three key players from a squad, while others will be assigned to you randomly. It’s possible to reselect your allotted player cards though.

Matches are played every hour and allow their managers to take actions while the game is active. There, you can perform substitutions, alter your tactics or simply look at how your squad is doing.

During off-time, you can switch around your squad for an optimal fit. Players need to play in their given position or they’ll receive a performance penalty.

To improve your squad rating, it’s possible to partake in some training sessions, either by consuming other player cards or through the use of special items. Items are a recurring thing in the free game, to enhance a lot more than just training. That’s how monetization works.

To gain new members, you’ll need to purchase cards in the store with in-game currency. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a normal transfer market, so you’ll be at the game’s whim to bolster your squad.

It’s a little confusing right now. There are a lot of unexplained details in the many tabs of United Eleven. If you’re a football pro, you probably won’t mind, but all those statistics may have others see red.

We were able to win some matches and even complete some challenges without any advanced knowledge though, so the entry level is shallow enough, at least. Feel free to share your exploits in United Eleven in the comments.