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Titanfall PC Players Won’t See CTF and Pilot Hunter in Public Lobbies

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the studio is taking out Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter game modes from the Public Lobbies of Titanfall PC version.

The announcement comes directly via Twitter where Respawn Entertainment has stated that these game modes are only being taken out from Public Lobbies, but will be playable in Private Matches and Variety Game Modes.

PC: We’re removing CTF & Pilot Hunter, but they’ll be playable Private Matches and Variety. We’ll tweak lists as we add maps and modes.

Luckily for console users, the changes are only brought in for the PC version as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can still enjoy these game modes, but for how long? That remains to be seen!

While speaking about as to why these game modes are being removed, Respawn stated that these were not popular enough; at least on PC. And that the Attrition remains to be most popular of all.

Being a multiplayer only title, Titanfall has been picked apart for not including more game modes and now that have removed two of the pre-existing ones, it leaves only three game modes in Public Lobbies: Hardpoint Domination, Attrition, and Last Titan Standing.

Don’t you think players paid for these game modes when they bought the game and removing them is sort of an injustice? Let us know in comments below!