Sunset Overdrive Gets a Weekly Series Called Sunset TV

Sunset Overdrive was revealed last year during the Microsoft’s E3 conference and after that Insomniac went quiet on the project until last week, where they revealed a lot of gameplay footage, screenshots and weapons that will be a part of the game, come this fall.

Now, to keep fans in the loop of development, the developers have decided to start a new weekly TV series named as Sunset TV.

The first episode of the Sunset TV was shown off today, which you can see above and the hot topic of discussion was the City Design because if you have seen the gameplay footage then you must realize that a lot of effort was put into it to make the game fun throughout every corner of the city.

You can also participate in this weekly series by asking anything that you want to know from the developers via an email at

Sunset Overdrive will be third person action adventure video game set in an open world, where multiple mutants have popped up after drinking the overpowered energy drink.

The story will revolve around you getting out of the Sunset City and cleaning the mess that has been created by the FizzCo.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to arrive this fall exclusively for the Xbox One.