Star Citizen Gets New Gameplay Video and Screenshots

Star Citizen is probably the most anticipated PC game and its is still on the rise.

We already know that the game is being developed with the help of a modified Cry Engine 4, and it will look amazing but to prove that, Cloud Imperium has shared some new high-res screenshots, which you can see below:

In addition to these screenshots, a new video was released to showcase the Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) effects.

The popularity of the game can also be judged by the amount of funds that it has managed to gather. The current stretched goal to even more content to the game stands at $44m.

If you are unaware of the game, check out official website. With all these stretched goals, I hope they deliver a unique experience for all the players who are backing the game like crazy.

Star Citizen is scheduled to release sometime next year for Windows and Linux. Are you excited about the game?