Shelter 2 To Add Family Tree And Custom Lynx Cubs

Independent developer Might and Delight is ramping up the emotional bond in Shelter 2 with some new gameplay elements it released today. Shelter 2 is an open adventure game on PC that follows a lineage of Lynx.

Lynx are feline creatures, in between the size of a giant cat or a tiny lion. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to name said cat to start off a family tree.

During the course of the game, you’ll birth cubs, which returns the nurturing element from the original Shelter. That game featured a litter of badgers.

Should the lynx cubs survive the dangers of nature long enough, they’ll become playable later on. Additionally, cubs each receive a distinct color pattern to set them apart.

With the additional color design, it’s possible to perform a sort of selective breeding. For instance, by choosing the same color of fur over and over, you’ll eventually amplify that pattern in your lynx family.

Developer Anders Westin commented on the new features, stating:

Unlike the first Shelter, we want players to freely explore the world and make the experience their own. Evolving the mother is simply another step in that direction. Such a feature really fits the scale of the game and there´s something charming about raising your cubs and then being able to play through the game again with your favorite cub as the main character.

Shelter 2 will be available through most digital portals, such as Steam or GOG, in fall of 2014. It will keep the simplified art style and muted pastel colors of the original.