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Rod Fergusson: Gears of War Xbox One Still in Concept/Prototype Stage

Black Tusk Studios manager, Rod Fergusson took to Twitch to reconnect with the Gears of War community by answering the questions posted by fans.

In the first episode of RodCast, Rod Furgusson assured fans about how the studio is actively listening to the fans’ feedback on the forums, be it about the things they loved in previous Gears of War games or about what they didn’t quite like about them.

In any case, fans should be relieved to know they ‘are definitely being heard’. One thing he spent a lot of time explaining was the lack of availability of the title updates and playlist changes in the previous games.

He assured that Black Tusk is trying as best as they can to address the issue but at the same time, warned how these small changes take a lot of time and how he would want the studio to be focused on developing the next Gears of War citing the opportunity cost involved as this is the type of work that comes at the cost of time that developer can use to work on the next Gears of War.

There were quite a few questions about Gears of War Xbox One, but he only answered select few. Reason? It’s ‘super early’ for them to answer anything about Gears of War Xbox One.

When asked about which stage in the development cycle the game is, he stressed how the developer was still in what they call ‘concept/prototype stage’ and followed it by teasing the first piece of concept art from Gears of War Xbox One, which was a blurred image – nothing you could make sense of.

Another interesting question asked during the RodCast was about the story and whether Black Tusk will be sticking to cannon created by the books, comics and games. The simple answer given by Rod Furgusson was – ‘Yes, as best as we can’.

Explaining it in more detail, he said how if given the choice, he will always try to do things fun even if it invalidates a comic book, but he stressed how they will definitely not be invalidating any games in the past.

An interesting hint about the Gears of War Xbox One multiplayer was dropped fairly early in the podcast, and that is the focus of the developer ‘to support the competitive community’.

During the RodCast, Rod Furgusson also revealed how the studio was still sponsoring community competitive events, and if you consider both instances, you get an idea where the studio wants to take the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Image: FC00 DeviantArt