NBA 2K15 Video Shows Some Dance Moves

New video has surfaced online courtesy of a YouTube user STG, which features a mocap session of NBA 2K15. Also, it shows some dance sequences that will be part of the game.

On his instagram, STG clarified that the dance sequences are being done on the Michael Jackson music but he had to replace it so that he wouldn’t face any copyrights problem.

2K has confirmed that they will be bringing these “Michael Jackson dance moves” to the Park, which is a special place in the game where the players can interact with other players and perform several activities.

NBA 2K15 is currently under development at Visual Concepts, which has been working on the franchise from the start.

It was revealed earlier, that Kevin Durant will serve as the cover of this year’s title which is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on 7th of October.

Information on NBA 2K15 is limited right now but we hope that 2K will reveal more at the biggest event of the gaming industry E3, which is scheduled to begin next month on 9th of June.

Would you like to see your favorite players dance to your favorite tunes? Let us know!