Mattel Announces Exclusive Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile for SDCC 2014

The Dark Knight is rising from his slumber after a rather tiresome stint in the Arkham City prison.

After all, he had to deal with an immortal villain who just happens to be the father of a love interest, a sick Joker, and some killer plot twists that I’m too gentlemanly to spoil for those who haven’t played Batman: Arkham City yet (though I’d let them know that they should be shameful for that fact).

Batman gets back into business once again in the direct sequel to Arkham City, this time pursuing a united group of villains that are plotting the demise of our capped hero, all within the entirety of Gotham City itself.

Added to the expectedly wondrous plot and collection of excellent character design is the Batmobile – and the beloved ride will have more function than just to bring us an Explosive Gel tool, as we’ll be able to use it to carve our way through the riot and thug-filled streets of Gotham.

Taking advantage of this news is Matty Collector, who has listed a beautiful crafted model based on the one featured in Batman Arkham Knight, with a list of nifty and techy features that us geeks and nerds would love to get our hands on.

We’re talking about a replica that features the same deco and sound from the game, has a high turning radius thanks to 360-degree turning wheels, can shoot rubber bullets, houses an intimidating Gatling gun, and lots of neat visual tricks. Plus, it also comes with a mini Batman model that can sit his butt inside the vehicle.

All this comes with a rather hefty price, which reads $85, but the high quality design and work put into this wonder replica lets this dollar-demand seem understandable, and a likely favorite for anyone attending the San Diego Comic-Con.