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League of Legends 2014 All-Star Best Moments

Paris’ Le Zenith arena was taken over for 4 days by the League of Legends community, fans and players alike. The crowd was truly alive throughout the All-Stars League of Legends tournament held this weekend. Here are some of the finest moments from this tournament.

“If you got it, you better flaunt it” apparently SKT T1 took this phrase quite literally. Following their Season 3 World Championship win, LoL honored them with unique skins representing their team colors. Before the match it seemed Fnatic’s Yellowstar might pick Zyra but he changed his mind at the last moment.

This allowed SKT to choose the complete line up of their favorite heroes Jax, Lee Sin, Vayne, Zyra and Zed. All dressed in the unique Red and Gold skins designed especially for them, the team went on to defeat Fnatic in an epic match.

The tournament wasn’t just a highlight for the players. One fan used this perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend to marry him! After her acceptance, the couple received a gift from Doublelift who plays as AD Carry for Counter Logic Gaming followed by the line “I’m glad you guys found your support”.

There was an epic tussle between Teams Ice and Fire throughout the 4 days of the tournament. The final game went down as a one on one between Ice’s Froggen and Fire’s WeiXiao. Team Ice was ultimately victorious after an amazing match.

Probably the best moment of the match on Day 2 between SKT and OMG was about 4.50 minutes in when Gogoing, Top Laner for OMG escaped an attack with microscopic HP. Both teams faced off against each other again in the All-Star Finals with SKT winning 3-0.

Which moments during the tournament did you find exhilarating? Share in the comments below.