Initial Choices Will Be Crucial in Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth, is still in its fetus stage, with plenty of work left before we see the retail version take over the lives of countless gamers.

But regardless of when that happens and how much more additions are needed to be made to this unborn potential, one thing, according to its makers, is confirmed: the initial choices that the player makes during the game before leaving the planet will be crucial for his/her future colonization.

The news came within sentences that formed answers to an interview with Lead Designers David McDonough and Will Miller on VentureBeat.

Right at the beginning of your Civilization journey you’ll have to choose a set of variables, designing your spaceships, deciding who to take and who to leave behind, and much more.

Each and every variable and its combination with every other variable will have a noticeable impact on how you progress in the game. According to McDonough:

“Everything from diplomacy to city management will be affected by the particular blend of starting loadout choices you make. One of the most interesting things about the game so far, that we’re already having a good time with, is how just one change can make for a very different experience. If you change those circumstances even a little bit, the story you’ll tell on the new world and the way that you’ll face the problems you encounter … your strengths come from different places, so the story is different.”

The idea is to prevent the game from having a distinct methodological way of guaranteed progress, avoiding a definitive build and hence producing a unique experience for every player and every time a new campaign is attempted.

“We never want there to be a definitive build order or technology-research order. We want there to be thought in every decision you make, based on the specifics of this particular playthrough. Where you landed, how the aliens are reacting to you, who your neighbors are, what kind of quests you get, things like that. The loadout options are one more way that we mix the game up.”

The effect of the initial decisions will be fairly distinct and visible from the start, as the resources, personnel, and equipment you brought from home will determine how well you do in the challenge of combating and adapting to the local fauna of your new planet, and how you would establish your economy and military.

Once all the bricks of foundation have been laid, and a slow expansion is initiated, you’ll be able to meet other factions, whose choices in comparison to yours would play a crucial part in determining the outcome.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is yet to receive an exact release date, but we’re expecting it to come out exclusively for the PC by the end of this year.