AFK Players in Heroes of the Storm Will Soon Get the Justice Hammer

The Alpha Testing Phase of Blizzard Entertainment’s forthcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm has been plagued by players who tend to go AFK during the match. Rest assured that Blizzard is keeping track of these players and will bring down the hammer of justice!

AFKing is nothing new to hardcore MOBA players, but starting it at the very beginning of a match is simply outrageous. These players ruin the gameplay experience for other players out there and need to be put down.

Blizzard Entertainment recently issued a statement addressing the issue that reads:

Access to the Technical Alpha of Heroes of the Storm is a privilege, and especially with so many players eager to access the Nexus and test their mettle on the field of battle, it’s unfortunate that some players in the Alpha have resorted to underhanded tactics for personal gain.

Blizzard Entertainment has also confirmed that they will be banning people AFKing in the game and will keep on monitoring the game in future:

Going forward we will be banning Heroes game accounts for players who have been found to be repeatedly AFKing, leaving games, or determined to be toxic in Heroes of the Storm, and as we do with all Blizzard games, we will continue to monitor the game and take action as needed.

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment is deciding which tools it should implement in the game which would keep the game balanced for more enjoyable experience.

Have you come across many AFKing people while playing the game? What do you suggest the studio should do to put them down? Let us know in the comments below!