Acid Trip Shooter Heavy Bullets Now On Early Access

As Early Access games keep flying onto Steam, take a look at Heavy Bullets, which just plopped down for digital download for $9.99 or a less interesting €9.99. Word of advice to Europe: the Humble Store has the same game, also on Steam, for the same price as North America.

That advice is also valid for the current discount that slashes 15% off the total. It will keep this special promotion on Steam until May 22, 2014.

Heavy Bullets is an ongoing process from the indie community to make shooters more original. Its most noticeable trait is its minimal first-person style that is just overloaded with saturated panels.

Busy environments get splashed with neon colors of various kinds, making for a rather surreal experience. In all that activity, you’ll need to keep a level head and shoot down scary, angular monsters.

Another unique trait to Heavy Bullets is that it has extremely limited ammo. Each round starts the player with just six bullets.

To replenish ammunition, you’ll need to look inside your area for where your bullets landed and pick them up. Then, you also need to reload them manually, so precision is well advised when it comes to shooting.

Death is permanent in Heavy Bullets, but there is an overarching progress system that allows you to bank money, which can be used to purchase facilitating items. Items also help during gameplay sessions, but you can only carry one by default, so choose wisely.

Heavy Bullets has music made by Doseone, who previously worked on Samurai Gunn. You can find the soundtrack for Heavy Bullets on Soundcloud.